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Welcome home, between Paris and Abidjan.

Wibes, high-end and ethical sneakers made in Portugal with natural and sustainable materials.

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By creating Wibes, we wanted to offer fashionable, high-end sneakers, made with sustainable materials and a timeless design. These are pairs of unique sneakers like no other for women, men, and even children. Ambitious, you’ll tell us! The goal is to design high quality, durable and comfortable sneakers for all occasions. For us, a top-of-the-range sneaker does not necessarily mean out of price and out of budget, quite the contrary! At Wibes, it means a fair price all year round with a European ethical production. But also European raw materials (except wax which is Ivorian), sourced in short circuit, respectful of the environment and people. So yes, it’s true, ethically producing high quality footwear has a cost, but it remains controlled and accessible, thanks to reduced margins and the fewest possible intermediaries.

The Wibes are designed between Paris and Abidjan which are the two pillars of the brand. In Cocody, a historical district of Abidjan, our designer Julian imagines a new collection each season according to his inspirations. The collections include fashion products and accessories (yes, we also make totes bags). Our sneakers are made with uppers in timeless colors such as brown, navy blue or white, leather pieces at the heel and slight touches of wax made at home in Côte d’Ivoire.

The different models are designed to be trendy and contemporary, without ever forgetting to be comfortable and resistant. Because yes, you will surely agree with us, it is essential to be comfortable in your sneakers! All our models of white sneakers, canvas sneakers, or recycled sneakers have recycled natural rubber soles. They also come with a lining and an insole made of either anti-bacterial canvas or eco-friendly leather. The little extra? Each new pair is a perfect match for any style in your wardrobe. Tested and approved by thousands of customers!

Okay, here’s a second plus! A second pair of waxed laces are gifted into the shoe box when you receive it. It is sometimes even colorful, enough to be creative and original in your lacing!

Are you more on the vegan and colored sneakers team? Or more casual sneakers made out of organic and recycled cotton? The Akwaba models are perfect either way with a casual and timeless look, like jeans and a white t-shirt. They are for real adventurers who dream of great travels and adventures (depending on the health situation of course). You prefer more classic sneakers? The N’Zassa are our iconic low-top sneakers with colorful (but discreet!) wax accents matched with high-end leathers. They are made to highlight any outfit, from the most elegant to the most festive. The Retro model is more… how can I say… daring! It combines streetwear style and comfort (one of our most comfortable shapes) with its slightly thicker, trendy sole.

The selection of the moment takes you into the Afro-politan and fashionable universe of Wibes through iconic models and new designs that are always sustainable and stylish. It also highlights special collections, collaborations, and much more. So, still not ready for the Wibes adventure?  Let us explain why our ethical and social commitments are at the heart of the brand. It all started in the Cote d’Ivoire and in Madagascar, where several members of the team come from. Being born and growing up in these countries has made us aware of the impact that education can have on the lives of young people. Especially young women who are often left out before going back to school to the detriment of young boys, often for lack of financial means. This is why, since its beginning, Wibes has been supporting an association and financing school days for young women in need through its sales. This allows us to set up a virtuous circle, to help through real actions and to keep the link with our roots. The team is going twice a year to give away the collected funds or help the NGO. These solid values are an integral part of the brand and are added to the constant desire to offer different models of shoes, ethical and premium, regardless of the collection or materials, suede leather or canvas. These commitments guarantee a real added value to our products, because behind Wibes, there is a real willingness to participate in an ethical project.

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