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The selection of Wibes men’s sneakers is just like the brand: sustainable and suitable to all styles, from the most sober to the most dressed up. Wibes offers a wide range of sneakers in leather, nubuck or canvas that are timeless and casual, yet still have a touch of originality and color. Easy to match for any occasion with chino pants, skinny jeans or even suit pants, our range of men’s leather sneakers is composed of neutral and versatile colors such as blue or camel. Looking for adventure? The Akwaba line of organic vegan canvas sneakers will be your new favorite pair. Easy to wash and premium, the Akwaba are casual and easy to wear.

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A high-end design

The selection of sneakers for men is composed of chic and sustainable models. The search for quality and comfort is constant, starting with our choice of a high-end manufacturing process. Produced with care in Portugal, our sneakers are made from noble materials and with a particular attention to the finishing touches such as the engraving on our outsoles or the arrangement of the seams to make the different models as comfortable as possible.
The choice of this factory was crucial. We wanted it to be on a human scale, with a high quality of manufacture and a real know-how.
The sourcing of suppliers was also extremely important. Designing our different models of sneakers implies the use of fabrics and materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Eco-friendly materials

We have chosen responsible materials such as :

  • Smooth leather with vegetable tanning, metal-free and biodegradable.
  • Recycled rubber soles.
    Italian nubuck and vegetable-tanned suede leather inserts.
  • GOTS-certified and 100% recycled ecological fabrics.
  • Our raw materials such as soles, leather, laces and linings are produced in Europe and are mostly made within an hour of our factory.
  • The suede leather and the recycled canvas come from Italy and Spain.
  • The only non-European material, coming from Côte d’Ivoire, is the wax fabric.

This one reminds the African roots of several members of the team, and is produced in Abidjan.

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A trendy style

Whether your style is casual, casual-chic or dressy, we have Wibes shoes that fit your style and your desires. The design of our models is timeless. The wax inserts will bring a touch of originality to your outfit. Thanks to the different colors of leather, our range of shoes for men can be worn at work or accompany a more sober outfit. Whether they are in white leather, grained, suede or in canvas, each of our pairs of shoes will match your outfit. Our leather low top sneakers are perfect for men’s wardrobes and all occasions. Our white leather models are an eco-friendly and different alternative to your regular white sneakers.

We want to prove that sustainable fashion can be trendy. The collection of models for men is versatile, easy to wear with chino pants, a knitted sweater or a white t-shirt.

Simply comfortable

Beyond style, our selection of shoes is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Evolutions and improvements are made thanks to customers feedback. This is notably the case with the softened leather inserts and the softer insole that now allow the Wibes to be slipped on like slippers. The new insole has a denser foam that provides more cushioning when walking, while all the cutouts and inserts have been worked on so that the seams do not interfere with the foot. The many colors and models in our shoe collection are designed on a unisex basis, offering a wide range of sizes for men up to 46!

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Our men’s sneakers will quickly become a must-have in your wardrobe. The Akwaba models, eco-friendly canvas sneakers, have an anti-perspirant and anti-bacterial textile lining. Our leather sneakers have a lining made of high quality smooth leather with vegetable tanning and without metal. The design and conception of Wibes are made to be comfortable in all circumstances and all day.

The models of the N’Zassa collection are timeless and elegant. The men’s sneakers of the Retro collection are resolutely trendy and comfortable thanks to a slightly more compensated outsole.

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A pair for everyone

White sneakers are now iconic pieces of our wardrobe. At Wibes, we imagined them sustainable, at the right price and unique. All the little details are meticulously studied: from the size of the laces to the engraving on the soles, but also the wax inserts, discreet and unique. Whether you prefer the N’Zassa collection for its simplicity and elegance, or the Retro collection for its trendy and comfortable outsole, or the Akwaba collection for its colors, everyone will find a pair of Wibes that suits them.

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