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This selection is dedicated to our canvas sneakers for men which are the best introducing into Wibes' world. Fair price and easily washable, this collection of low-top canvas sneakers is crafted with sustainable materials that are blending perfectly with the vibrant colors of the wax prints. Designed with a classic and timeless shape, our models of men's sneakers are casual and made for adventure. With shorts on holidays, flowing pants in summer by the beach or jeans in winter, they will adapt to casual or more streetwear looks thanks to a neutral tons canvas and a colorful wax fabric.
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  • Icone Solidaire
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Durable canvas

Designed to last, our canvas sneakers are vegan and the most sustainable models of our range. Designed with noble and eco-friendly materials, our canvas sneakers are quite light and very comfortable. Coming from Spain, the canvas is high quality and carefully chosen; and recycled materials are privileged. In the long run, our goal is to put forward recycled materials or materials that consume less water than cotton, even organic cotton. The colors of the fabrics are voluntarily sober in order to emphasize the wax fabric and its colors.

Our labels

  • A GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton fabric.
  • A 100% recycled fabric made from polyester from PET plastic bottles and cotton from recycled clothes, certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard).
  • A 100% recycled fabric made of polyester fibers from plastics recovered from the Mediterranean Sea (Oekotex® Standard 100).


In addition to having these different certifications, they have the advantage of being resistant and easily washable with a little soap and water, from the laces, to the wax and through the soles. The composition of the insole is :

  • Anti-bacterial inner lining that allow the feet to breathe.
  • A removable insole and foam that conforms to the shape of the feet.

For more durability, alternate your pairs of shoes worn regularly with other pairs in your dressing room!

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Colors in your wardrobe

Thanks to the wax side inserts, our Akwaba canvas sneakers are a unique! They can be worn every day, in spring or fall, thanks to their easily washable canvas. Gentlemen, with their unisex base they will be perfect for your vacation in the sun and ready for adventure and travel. Unlike white sneakers, this selection will bring a little color to your wardrobe. The random cut of the wax, a cotton and wax hydrophobic canvas printed with patterns that we import from the Côte d’Ivoire, makes the pairs unique and different. Ethical and easy to wear in shades of blue, red or orange, our canvases will brighten up your outfit, whether it’s elegant or casual. Whatever your style, our canvas sneakers will quickly become a real must-have.

Maximum comfort

Our canvas sneakers are built to last and be sustainable. Produced in Portugal, they are manufactured in a family-owned factory specialized in premium and luxury shoes. The manufacturing process is constantly improved thanks to the feedback of our customers. The seams have been softened and the lining has been chosen in textile, anti-bacterial and breathable. Ultra-trendy models, our low canvas sneakers are also committed: a pair purchased finances a day of school for a young girl from an association in Côte d’Ivoire. Little surprise, these canvas pairs are not only for men but also for the whole family. Match your sneakers with your kids!

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