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Colorful sneakers

In this selection of colorful sneakers for men, we offer you alternatives to white sneakers for a more chic style or for work. In all situations, and every outfit such as suit pants or shorts our low-cut canvas sneakers are easy to wear. Leather or canvas models are unique thanks to their mix of colors and materials such as suede or smooth leather. Designed to be sustainable thanks to a 100% European ethical components and manufacturing.
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Colors in your wardrobe

The first thing you notice in this collection is the marriage of several colors. It has become a real signature for Wibes. Put some sunshine in your outfit for a timeless silhouette. Whether your are more into chic, casual or streetwear outfits, their minimalist lines remain timeless and will adapt to your style and personality. Whether it’s the classic navy blue or camel, or sunnier colors like red or orange, all of our models are the perfect blend of high-end materials applied to trendy and vibrant colors.

Timeless and sustainable

Designed to be sustainable and ethical, our colored canvas models are made from 100% recycled canvas or GOTS certified organic cotton. Eventually, we would like to use only recycled or less water consuming materials to limit our ecological impact even more. The canvas models are vegan, therefore without animal material and the lining in breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-perspirant textile. For the colored leather models, the lining is made of lambskin tanned without metal. Our soles with 40% recycled rubber are the same for all our collections except for the Retro models, where it is more old school and thick. Our colored sneakers are the reflection of a committed and more responsible fashion.

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Shine in all seasons

Wax, a fabric imported from Côte d’Ivoire, is used in touches on the back of the sneaker for the leather models and on the side for the canvas ones, to create this unique mix that makes these models unique. There is only one thing left to do: your choice. With a large selection of low-top sneakers in leather or canvas, you have a Wibes for all seasons, summer or winter. Dare to be colorful and look more summery.

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