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For everyday adventures

A pair of white sneakers on your feet, and you’re good to go all day long. The white sneakers at Wibes are designed to be monochrome with a touch of wax in one dominant color on the heel and tongue for more originality. These are unique depending on the cut of the wax, which is random to limit waste. With their timeless shape and minimalist design, our white canvas or leather sneakers are easy to wear with suit pants or jeans or any outfit in your wardrobe. Our different models of white sneakers for men are designed to be comfortable with a constant improvement of the cuts and the positioning of the seams.

A pair for everyone

If your feet are fragile or a little stronger, our Retro models, with their vintage and wider shape, will suit you perfectly. It is the perfect agreement between trend and casual. This model with wax inserts around the laces or on the heel is more urban and will suit all occasions, a meeting or a date. It is a soft start into the brand’s atmosphere. The insoles are now softer for maximum comfort. You have extra soles? No worries, those of Wibes are removable!

A urban and sustainable look

At Wibes, sustainability is at the heart of the brand. Our range of white sneakers for men has a wide choice of models, shapes and wax patterns. The lining of all our leather sneakers is made out of metal-free tanned lambskin, and is very soft and comfortable. The leather of the upper is produced in Portugal, vegetable tanned, without metal and is biodegradable. That’s why our white sneakers are slightly off-white, the true color of the untreated full grain leather called Wet White. Always looking for raw materials as eco-friendly as possible and produced in an ethical and sustainable way, we update every 6 months our models, their cuts and materials. Our soles are Portuguese and made of rubber with 40% recycled rubber and sometimes even 6% coffee grounds.

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Chic & authentic

Perfect with a chino for a casual, chic or streetwear silhouette, our white sneakers are also responsible and ethical. With a 100% vegetable tanning and without metal, our white leathers are biodegradable and produced at less than 1 hour from our factory.

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