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Unisex and unique

Wibes are unisex and unique. However, with the help of our customers, we have imagined trendy women’s sneakers, combining femininity and ethics. There is something for everyone. You will find in the collections many models including the timeless white sneakers but also bi-material city sneakers, organic or recycled canvas that will become the must-have of your wardrobe. Wibes’ DNA can be found in its 100% European production. We pay a special attention to the materials selection, finishing and sourcing of sustainable raw materials for each pair of sneakers. The little extra? Each pair of sneakers is unique thanks to the cutting of the wax fabric. This is done to reduce waste as much as possible, which modifies the placement of the patterns on each of the yokes.

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Sustainable sneakers

At Wibes, we pay great attention to all the details, but especially to the materials used. From the design to the sourcing of our ecological raw materials, from the conception to the responsible production, everything is studied to offer the best high-end sneakers at the right price. If our pairs are unique, they have also been designed to last. Our sneakers are handmade in Portugal in a family-owned factory that respects European standards. We carefully select each of our noble materials after a thorough study of the different suppliers in four different countries: Portugal, Spain for the canvas, Italy for the nubuck or suede leather and Côte d’Ivoire for the wax.

A large color palette

The many colors more or less girly and the different models are designed on a unisex basis. There is therefore a wide choice of sizes for women, from the smallest to the largest, but also for the whole family.

Our selection of eco-friendly canvas models have a recycled rubber insole with a anti-perspirant and anti-bacterial textile lining. Our leather sneakers for women have a smooth leather lining with vegetable tanning and sustainable.

Feminine, fashionable and trendy

Low top sneakers, pink, or suede, we choose uppers colors that match the latest trends. Each pair of Wibes will match the outfits in your wardrobe for all occasions. From slim, skinny or flared jeans in the winter to colorful skirts in the summer for a casual look, your pair of Wibes sneakers will become your go-to fashion accessory all year round. Carefully chosen, the colors of the recycled canvas, but also the discreet and elegant yokes of wax fabric on the heels will sublimate your outfits for ultra trendy and casual looks. The premium leather are deliberately sober with white, pink or blue colors to give our sneakers a timeless and unique look.

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Listening to our customers, we have created a line of sneakers for women with models in colors such as white-pink or navy blue and with more feminine and elegant prints. We have also thought about our customers by offering them comfortable, light and elegant leather and canvas sneakers to allow them to stroll while being chic and stylish.

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Designed for comfort

Because our customers are demanding and in search of meaningful women’s fashion, we have created a new collection with an update of your three favorite low top sneakers. These new shoe models are adapted to your urban lifestyle, with comfort as the watchword. Our collections of white sneakers, eco-friendly canvas sneakers, and leather sneakers will be a must-have for women’s wardrobes in any season. If you are a true fashionista looking for stylish sneakers or rather in search of new colorful but versatile pairs to stroll around, go to the collection page. Beyond the style, all our leather sneakers or canvas sneakers are designed to be comfortable, thanks to several improvements including heel inserts and insole, which give Wibes the quality of being able to slip on like slippers.


At Wibes, every little detail is meticulously studied, from the size of the laces to the engraving on the soles. It is these small details that make our sneakers a must-have product. Whether you prefer the numerous models of the N’Zassa collection for their simplicity and versatility, or whether you choose the Retro collection for its trendy streetwear side and its comfort thanks to a slightly thicker outsole, or whether you prefer the Akwaba collection with its elegant and colorful touches, everyone will find the pair of Wibes that suits them.

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