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The Akwaba range is our iconic collection of canvas sneakers. True fashion accessories, your new pairs of fabrics will be your best companion on all your adventures. All our canvas sneakers are vegan and are made with ecological and ethical materials. The fabrics used such as GOTS cotton are in neutral colors in order to highlight the colors of the wax prints.
  • Icone Vegan
  • Icone ETHIQUE
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Designed to last

Sustainability is at the heart of the brand since day 1. In this approach, it was important for us to develop a range of ethical and high-end women’s sneakers produced in a short circuit and with particular attention to all stages of the production chain.

The white canvas of this selection is made out of organic cotton which is GOTS certified. The beige and colored canvas are 100% recycled and come from :

  • Cotton from clothing and polyester from PET plastic bottles.
  • From marine nets from the Mediterranean Sea.

Our three fabrics are also certified:

  • Organic textile certification (GOTS)
  • Global Recycle Standard (GRS)
  • Oeko-Tex
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Committed and trendy

The little plus? For each pair purchased, we finance a day of school for a young girl of our partner association in Côte d’Ivoire. Supporting the education of young girls in our country, even at our small level, is important and essential for us. Too often disadvantaged compared to men, we believe in equal opportunities. Next step ? to support an association in France too, because education has no borders.

Listening to you

Listening to our customers, we have softened the seams of our low top sneakers and reinforced the insole with a foam that conforms to the shape of the foot and makes the pairs more comfortable. The 40% rubber outsole is produced in Portugal, less than an hour away from the factory. The composition of our canvas sneakers is the most sustainable of the collections: 100% recycled canvas from clothing, PET plastic bottles and marine nets, but also GOTS certified organic cotton.

Wear colors!

Our canvas sneakers are designed to brighten up any outfit with their colorful wax fabric inserts. They are suitable for all situations and seasons. Our canvas models are easily washable with a little soap and water. The maintenance of your favorite pair of shoes is the key to their durability. Our white canvas sneakers are designed for feminine looks and more elegant outfits with its floral wax prints that bring freshness. For spring or summer and even fall, these sneakers will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe.

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Beautiful in your sneakers

Our different canvas colors are super trendy, perfect for a dressy or streetwear look. Easy to wear with many pieces of your wardrobe such as skirts, jeans or a blazer, our low top canvas sneakers will bring color and warmth to your outfit. With flowing pants, skinny jeans, a skirt or a dress, ladies, opt for a casual and colorful look perfect for summer or for every day.

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