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At Wibes, we can never tell you enough: you have to style colors! Our colorful sneakers for women act as a real “fashion statement” with their different combinations of colors and materials. It's a way to assert your style and above all to stand out from the crowd by showing a real personality trait in your outfit, while remaining chic.
  • Icone Solidaire
  • Icone ETHIQUE
GSL 9960

Made for you

Each pair of colored sneakers at Wibes is a mix of trendy colors. From warm to cool colors, there’s something for every taste and occasion.
Our canvas low top sneakers, with wax on the side, are made for a more casual and feminine look with sober colors. Our N’Zassa leather sneakers, on the other hand, are a unique blend of wax on the heel, for a more fashionable and classic silhouette. Throughout the year, new colorful models will be released with many uniquely feminine options for all seasons. So no matter what style you’re into, you will find the right pair.

For all seasons

In addition to being a true cocktail of colors, our sneakers will accompany you throughout the seasons. Thanks to a premium manufacturing in a high-end Portuguese factory, our sneakers are solid and durable. But beware, like any pair of shoes, to last they require daily care and attention.
The different materials that compose our sneakers make them real everyday allies that will find their place in your wardrobe. They are unique, thanks to the random cutting of the wax on the tongue, the heel or the upper.

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