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This selection of suede sneakers for women is dedicated to models composed of nubuck or suede leather. Our different collections offer models with two types of smooth and sueded leathers for original and sophisticated looks. They will become essentials in your wardrobe with their sober and easy to wear colors for an always ultra-trendy look.
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A Must-Have, summer and winter

Suede and nubuck are soft and light types of leather. Fashionable and ultra-trendy, suede sneakers are also timeless!
If they require more maintenance than your classic sneakers in your wardrobe, they are made for summer or winter. As for your white or canvas sneakers, a waterproofing spray and a suede brush will be your daily essentials! Thanks to the flexibility of our soles, the lightness these pairs of suede sneakers will prove to be the must have element of your outfit. With a long skirt, a floral print dress, or your favorite slim-fit pants or jeans, our suede sneakers will be a true fashion accessory. The discreet wax inserts, imported from the Côte d’Ivoire, will bring the touch of exoticism that is our signature for this collection.

Premium and eco-friendly design

Best-sellers, our suede sneakers are sustainable. Produced in a family-owned factory in Portugal specialized in premium shoes, they are made out of eco-friendly materials. The suede sneakers are made in Italy, with a focus on respecting the environment throughout the production chain. Close to Portugal, Italy is known for its high quality materials and leathers. The suede and the lining are tanned in a eco-friendly way: without metal,  without chrome and in a vegetable way. The sole, like all our sneakers, is made of 40% recycled rubber. The little extra of each pair is its commitment to the Côte d’Ivoire and soon to France, our two countries. Each pair of Wibes sold helps finance the schooling of young women sponsored by the association that Wibes supports in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Elegance, high-quality and sustainability

Our different models are designed to be as comfortable as possible, with constant improvements in components and cuts. Always in an ethical and sustainable approach, our suedes are tanned 100% metal-free and come from high-end Italian tanneries. From the design to the manufacturing process, our suede sneakers are designed as ethically as possible. The colors of suede are sober and trendy such as camel brown or blue, and is highlighted by yokes in more colorful wax prints. Suede is a noble material, full of softness that requires a more meticulous maintenance than a smooth leather or canvas sneaker. It can be associated with all the pieces of the dressings from the most chic to the most casual.

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