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Wibes 2020 10 080 Light Grainy 1 scaled

A sustainable approach

Wibes is a French brand that offers unique, timeless and sustainable low top sneakers. At the heart of the brand since its beginning, sustainable and social values are anchored in each collection. These values have been part of the creation process, from design to final product since 2017.

What was the idea behind the brand? We started with two shocking observations! The fashion industry has a huge ecological footprint and in 2017, everyone was wearing the same sneakers! Our meeting, these two facts and our passion for fashion gave birth to Wibes.

Our will is, and will remain, to produce a unique, sustainable and ethical sneaker throughout the production chain. Made with noble, sustainable and eco-friendly materials in Portugal, Wibes sneakers are the result of the circular economy. Indeed, materials such as white leather, colored leather and natural rubber soles come from less than 30 minutes from the factory! The wax is designed and produced directly in Abidjan. The suede leather and suede are Italian. Finally, the recycled canvas and the organic cotton canvas are Spanish.

The leathers, coming from the food industry, are 100% vegetably tanned and are biodegradable.

Because we are aware that human activities represent a threat to the environnement, we have chosen the most sustainable supply chain possible. Indeed, the production is European. The materials are supplied in a short circuit with a European origin and in particular Portuguese as well as a transport by truck rather than by plane. As for the packaging, we have chosen a recyclable or reusable kraft boxes.

No overproduction

The sneakers are designed in Portugal, a European country with an amazing know-how in sneaker manufacturing. We produce twice a year with new models on pre-order in order to avoid overproduction. Favoring European manufacturing was an obvious choice in order to obtain quality finishes and a production respecting our sustainable and ethical values.

The wax is cut in a random way in order to avoid, once again, unnecessary losses. This is why each pair of Wibes is unique!

On top of having large colors choices, the production is limited! Indeed, we propose each year new-in. But we do not respect the classic Spring-Summer or Autumn-Winter seasons to the letter. Many limited editions in pre-orders will be released with unisex models and others specifically for women and a selection for men.

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DSC 1381 scaled

Stylish shapes with bold colors

Designed to be true fashion sneakers stylish in every occasion, Wibes sneakers always have an upper with sober and timeless colors. They have an original touch of wax prints placed discreetly on the heels or around the laces of the different models. Don’t panic, Wibes are easy to combine! You can wear them with many colors and pieces of your wardrobe. Your favorite jeans, your streetwear or even your classiest outfit for going out will fit perfectly!

White sneakers have become a fashion accessory and are now worn by everyone. At Wibes, we wanted to make them sustainable yes, but also more original, chic and at the right price. Quite a program! The idea is to reduce our margins as much as possible. Why do we do this? To be able to offer sneakers made of environmentally friendly materials such as natural, recycled or biodegradable materials. But also high-end sneakers with noble materials and a meticulous and careful production.

For our colored models, we analyze the latest trends to propose new pairs of sneakers always more trendy and sustainable. Our selection of women’s sneakers is feminine, timeless and original! With skirts, suits or casual summer outfits, Wibes will find their place in your wardrobe and accompany you everywhere. Don’t panic gentlemen! Wibes also offers comfortable men’s sneakers that will accompany you in all your urban and outdoor adventures. For strolling around, going to work or traveling, you will find the right shoe for you.

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