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Welcome to the new City collection. With urban and colorful accents, the City collection still remains in the Wibes’ spirit being at the same time more urban and designed for a busy life. The models are also a desire to present a new one-tone type of wax fabric, always bright and colorful. It is placed on the heels to be more original and it is still manufactured in the same factory in Côte d'Ivoire. The City models are low sneakers between the Retro and the N’Zassa models, and are sustainable, with a vegetable-tanned leather and a 46% recycled natural rubber sole.
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Made for urban adventures

Low leather sneakers, the CITY models are thought and designed to last. Called CITY for their urban and versatile side, they combine comfort and ethics with a softer insole lined with an anti-bacterial textile. A little wider than our N’Zassa models, they are also more comfortable and easy to put on.

The different models of CITY sneakers are made for all occasions and will match all the outfits in your wardrobe. Winter or summer, with a long coat, jeans or chino, there is a CITY for every outfit. This time the wax is plain and colored to match with bright and natural colors. Even if this collection is also unisex, some models of CITY low top sneakers are exclusively feminine like the “Elegant” model available only in women’s sizes. Others are more masculine, like the “Classic” model with blue leather inserts and a plain khaki wax. Timeless, the CITY will go as well with a suit as with jeans or a more casual skirt. One thing is for sure: they are made for an active and busy life!

A tribute to our Côte d'Ivoire

The little novelty on these pairs, in addition to the plain wax on the heel, is the recycled natural rubber sole, composed of 6% recycled coffee grounds. This is a big tribute to our beautiful country, Côte d’Ivoire, which is one of the largest producers and exporters of coffee/cocoa in the world. Raw materials and in particular coffee/cocoa are very important resources for the country and for many people.

When you receive your new pair of shoes, you will be able to smell the slight coffee odor coming from the sole, but also see the tiny coffee beans in the rubber added during the making of the sole. So with every pair of CITY sneakers, you take a little piece of the Ivory Coast with you.


The new features?

The soles are made with 6% recycled coffee beans, a tribute to our beloved Ivory Coast, the world’s leading exporter of cocoa coffee. And yes! This pair also has wax… but plain this time on the heel of the CITY.

City Élégante


CITY is an urban and easy to wear collection, and like all Wibes shoe collections, it is always sustainable. Even if it is almost impossible to create a pair 100% sustainable, respect for the environment and people is a priority for us throughout the production chain. That’s why the models are made from high quality materials in Portugal, in a factory specialized in the manufacture of premium sneakers. The full grain calf leather is vegetable tanned, metal and chrome free, the colored or suede leather inserts on the upper are vegetable tanned and metal free. The wax is here plain and colored to bring a touch of style to your outfit.

For more comfort, we chose a resistant and anti-transpiring textile lining, less fragile than leather. Also for comfort, the insole is softer and conforms to the shape of the foot for better support. The soles are still made of 40% recycled rubber, to which is added this time 6% more coffee grounds, in tribute to our beautiful Côte d’Ivoire.

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