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This range of leather sneakers represents THE brand’s iconic collection. Characterized by its classic shape and sustainable materials, its name N’Zassa means “mixture” in Akan, which is the language spoken in Côte d'Ivoire, and perfectly illustrates the idea of mixing materials and cultures to create a hybrid production in order to express our values.
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European manufacturing

The N’Zassa models had to be created to respect the environment and people. That’s why we chose Portugal, a European country renowned for its high-end shoe design. More precisely, we have selected an expert family-owned factory to produce our sneakers. For us, it is very important to collaborate with suppliers whose working conditions are ethical, respect the standards, but also who give the same interest as us to products and materials as sustainable as possible. Our different models of white, colored or suede sneakers are designed with vegetable tanned calf leather, metal free and completely biodegradable. It will require more maintenance than chrome-tanned cowhide but it is guaranteed non-toxic for you and the planet!

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Style in all circumstances

Our desire is to show that fashion can be sustainable, ethical and also trendy by using noble and high-end materials. Simple with a touch of color, the N’Zassa collection has become iconic and timeless.
The unique wax inserts on the heel bring originality and color to any outfit.
Our shoes are unisex, there are as many choices for men as for women with only a few pairs specifically for men or women. No matter what your style, whether casual, sportswear, or dressy, there is a pair of leather sneakers from the N’Zassa collection that will fit you.
With its minimalist line and classic design, the emphasis is on detail and color, making the N’Zassa very easy to wear.

Sustainable and comfortable

The idea is to have a qualitative production with sustainable materials, the assurance of a classic style with a touch of originality, and finally an optimal comfort. Our collection of N’Zassa models, has a selection of colored smooth leather sneakers, suede sneakers or white sneakers.

Optimal comfort

Are you a fan of simple and comfortable shoes? For our N’Zassa collection, we have made it a point of honor to work and always improve comfort. Each part of this pair of shoes has been studied to be as comfortable as possible. It is obvious that to spend good days, it is important to feel good in your shoes. That’s why Wibes has bet on an insole made of soft foam to ensure optimal comfort throughout the day. Particular attention has been given to optimizing the seams to avoid any friction, especially in the forefoot. Let’s not forget those who like to wear their leather sneakers with little socks. Our N’Zassa collection features a vegetable-tanned lambskin lining and metal-free leather for softness and flexibility. The recycled natural rubber sole with its sharp profile will make your Wibes sneakers a timeless part of your wardrobe for any occasion.

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